Rebecca Verdugo-Wong, Tax Professional


Rebecca Verdugo-WongRebecca Verdugo-Wong has been an integral part of Phillips & Company team since 1970. She has come a long way from starting as a summer receptionist and then a part time employee while attending East Los Angeles College.  She decided that working for a certified public accounting firm seemed like "fun" and wanted to direct her education towards that field.  She continued her education through East Los Angeles College with business classes and supplemented with University of California, Los Angeles courses in all areas of taxation.  Further education was through Internal Revenue Service taxation courses.  Not only is Rebecca proficient in individual taxation, but well versed in corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, non-profit, payroll, and sales tax preparation and tax research. She is responsible for confirming the wiring of funds in 1031 exchanges.

Rebecca is married to Benny Wong and lives in Pasadena, CA with their three dogs, Kobhi, Zooma and KD, who are performing frisbee dogs.  They are deeply involved in the frisbee world and have performed before the NFL and ABL crowds and in many community and charity events as far away as Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ and Lodi, CA.