Speeches of C. Anthony Phillips
1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

I. Introduction to Exchanges
  1. Why Exchange Under IRC §1031
  2. Code Section Language and Purpose
  3. Evolution of Exchanges-Related Laws and Regulations
  4. Various Types of Exchanges
II. Essential Requirements for All IRC §1031 Exchanges
  1. Three Requirements of An Exchange
  2. Property Ineligible for Exchange Treatment
III. Exchange Calculations
  1. Overall View
  2. Balance the Equities
  3. Calculation of Adjusted Basis of Property
  4. Calculation of Exchange Expenses
  5. Calculation of Realized Gain
  6. Determine Amount of Recognized Gain
  7. Tax Computation
  8. Determination of Cash Received
  9. Computation of Basis of Newly Acquired Property
  10. Form 8824 Like-Kind Exchange Line 3 to 6
    Form 8824 Like-Kind Exchange Line 15 to 18
  11. Analysis of Exchanger’s Tax Return
  12. Summary Exchange Analysis
IV. Mechanics of Delayed Exchanges
  1. Converting a Sale Into a Delayed Exchange
  2. Conveyance of the Relinquished Property
  3. Timing and Identification Requirements
  4. Safe Harbor Rules
  5. Conveyance of the Replacement Property
V. Special Issues of Exchanging
  1. Reverse Exchanges
  2. Built to Suit Exchanges
  3. Personal Property Exchanges
  4. Multiple Types of Property Exchanges
  5. Partnership Issues
  6. Related Parties
  7. Interplay With Installment Sales Under IRC §453
  8. California Gain
VI. Special Consideration In a Like-Kind Exchange
  1. Selecting and Using a Qualified Intermediary
  2. Escrow and Title Insurance Issues
  3. Real Estate Exchange Agreements
VII. Attachments
  1. Internal Revenue Code §1031
  2. Treasury Regulations §1.1031
  3. Exchange Analysis
  4. Form 8824 With Instructions (PDF File)
  5. Federal Ways To Avoid Dealer Status
  6. Ways of Taking Title - Common Forms of Ownership
  7. How to Get From the Escrow Statements to Federal Form (PDF File)